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You can reach us by leaving a comment anywhere in this blog, or by emailing Kat at yarrow at sunflowerriver dot org. It’s a lot faster to email. Just so you know. :)

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  1. Hello,
    I’m looking for a sustainable community to live and work on. I’d like to come learn what I can from you about permaculture in a spiritual environment with like minded folk. I am willing to work hard to earn my keep, and am accustomed to natural living. Please get in touch with me soon so that west talk further. Thank you.

  2. Hi Marissa,

    I reccomend you check out They are an organization that promotes exactly the sort of work-trade situation that you are describing. If you are interested in wwoofing with us, please read our profile in the wwoof directory, and email us through that site; we prefer people to be fully informed about what we are and what we offer before we open that conversation.


  3. Hi Kat,
    I came across your farm on the wwoofing website and sent you a message but am not sure if it sent or not. I would love to be a part of your farming community if possible. At your convenience could you let me know what you think via e-mail since I’m not sure if the website is working? If you can because that’d be awesome. Thank You!


    • Hi Erika!

      I got your email; i’ll respond in detail later today. we moderate comments here, to reduce spam, so it takes a bit for things to show up on the blog. :-) Thanks!


  4. Hi Kat, hi everyone,
    I just wanted to thank all of you who came up to Ardantane for the Blessed Beavers work party recently. We all got so much done, and it is such an energy boost to have all that help. Thank you thank you! Please tell Alan that his swales and dikes are handling the rain very well so far; we need to do much more of that to control erosion. We still have boxes and boxes of books to sort and put on the new library shelves; if any bookaholics want to come up August 5 or 11, we’ll be bookin’ again! Again, our deep appreciation for your help, and I hope we can reciprocate sometime this fall.
    Many blessings, Amber at Ardantane

    • Hi Amber!

      We had a great time working up with you at Ardantane, and it was a treat to see your place again. Gorgeous. I’ll make sure Alan sees this; I know he’d love to see photos of the rainwater swales in action if you can get any!


  5. Hey there,

    I’d love to head over to New Mexico. I am in the Northwest (Oregon), looking for gardening opps somewhere new and different. Can you host me later this month?


  6. Hi Kat, any chance you could help me out with a farm-related problem? I need to find a home for three Nigerian Dwarf doe goats (I’m having an orthopedic problem and have to scale back.) They are an adult doe 2 years old and her two doe kids from this year. The adult is in milk, and could either be milked or just left with the kids to be nursed out. All three are shy of strangers and would need somebody, maybe one of your interns, to spend some time getting them tamed.
    The Nigerians are about half the size of standard dairy goats and give smaller amounts of milk with a higher butterfat content.
    They are free; I just don’t want to advertise them because I don’t want somebody taking them for meat, since they are from a good dairy line.
    If the Sunflower gang isn’t up for goats right now, would you let me know if you know of any other potential good homes for them? I can be reached at 550-9398.

  7. Could you send me info on whether you are accepting applications for new members, and what the requirements are? I am 65 and single. I don’t drink and I don’t smoke. Let me know. Thank you. robert eckles, Port St. Lucie, fl

  8. Hello there,
    I am currently a wwoofer/free agent in NM until Dec 20th and I’m wondering if you lovely people are looking for any help in the next few weeks? I’ve been working on a goat farm a few hours out of Albuquerque for the past few months and would love to experience more of the area/meet more sustainably-minded folks. I am also particularly interested in natural building and gardening.
    Hope all is well over there and maybe I’ll get to meet you soon.

    • hi Phoebe,

      We have a work party, doing demolition on our “new” house, coming up on Dec 16th. Want to come smash things with us? We don’t have any openings for interns this winter; no housing. But I’d be glad to give you a tour. Email me? yarrow@sunflowerriver dot org.


  9. I’m trying to reach Tristan. I seem to have misplaced the card he gave me. My email address should be on this message; would he please email me?


  10. Hi! I am a fellow homesteader and my friend Liz Klug posted about your new year pot luck, I would love to come, visit, and meet some new people. Where are you located? Sure hope I get a chance to swing by!
    Happy New Year!
    Mark Goldblum

  11. I am a graduate student at York University and I am conducting a North American wide survey on intentional housing communities. I would like to forward you a research survey on Intentional Communities. Please email me back.


  12. Hey what is this place? I live in albuquerque, and I’m really interested in doing something different this summer. Is it like just volunteer or work?

    • we are a small family farm in the south valley. we host work-trade through the wwoof program, but do not have anything resembling paid work to offer.

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