Kat: Five-year retrospective photo post

Recently, reading through the old Sunflower River livejournal, I came across a three-year retrospective photo post that I’d put together. I like the idea so much, that I’m going to do it again. We are at the five year mark now, and still overwhelmed with projects and work that we could be doing, at any given moment, and a great many that we are actively working on. It feels good to look back on the past few yeras and see how much we’ve already done, and give ourselves permission to take a break and enjoy the fruits of these many labors.

This time, i’ve located photographs from our first year, Sept 07-July 08, and then gone outside and taken new photographs, right now today, December 2012, from those same locations & angles. It’s kind of a cloudy day, and it’s December, so some of these aren’t as pretty as they would be in the same season, but I wanted to create, and show, a sense of how much *infrastructure* we’ve built, as well as the green growing things that you see here all the time.

so without further ado, here’s the garden-field, and the barn, Sept 07

and that same view today:

my favorite shot of the barn from Sept 07.


barn, barnyard, and driveway, Sept 07


goat pen, sept 07


chicken pen, Sept 07


garden, January 08

complete with Alan. who has also changed. :)

Garden and Kat’s Yurt, April 08

a really challenging one. we’ve been really busy on that exact bit of land!

inside the Cottage livingroom, Sept 07


you can tell we added a toddler, too.

Cottage backyard & yurt area, Sept 07

an almost completely impossible shot to retake today. the original was taken more or less from the west edge of my yurt. i could possibly climb up on top of my yurt to recreate a version of the original, but i’m not that ambitious this afternoon. trying this picture from inside the yurt facing out the door, also didn’t turn out so well. so here’s an approximation, one from each side.

from the north:

and from the south:


patio, spring 08



herb garden, August 08

seriously, it’s the same shot. you can tell by the small corner of my yurt deck in the lower right-hand corner of each picture.

couldn’t resist. Thistle, August 08.

She even held still where i asked her to, long enough to take a picture. good dog.

north end of the ditch, Summer 08



Ritual ground, sept 07. seriously.

ritual ground, today


front fenceline, spring 08.

this was another hard one to take, so here are two.
from pretty much the same perspective:

and showing most of the front wall.

9 thoughts on “Kat: Five-year retrospective photo post

    1. Alan Post

      I love photo posts like this because day-to-day, one hardly notices any changes. Certainly I take gratitude in small projects completed, something working more smoothly than it used to, or the relief you feel when a burden is lifted and you can finally acknowledge how heavy it was. But I’m as flabbergasted as anyone when I take a step back and really enjoy my effort. I will take you up on your offer and spent a moment contemplating exactly what you suggest!

        1. Alan Post

          That’s a long story! We do host monthly work parties. If you’d like to come down and see the place, talk about yours, and sync up we’d be happy to see you. Let me know and I’ll put you on the invite list.

        2. yarrow Post author


          Tons of work. Seriously. We bought this place and half our friends were like, “well, that sure looks like a lot of work.” And it has been, and continues to be, depending on what we focus on. There are five of us, and we host interns on a work-trade arrangement, so we have an on-site labor force of 6-8 most of the time, and then we host monthly work parties where large groups of people can come get in on the action, hard work in the fresh air, mostly. ;) So I would say we got here through sweat equity, and leveraging our social network to create more sweat equity.

          As Alan says, we’d be delighted to meet you, show you the place, talk about your place, and share ideas. Let me know if you’d like to be on our event or work party lists! Or you can watch the Events page here on the blog for notifications.


  1. Scott Chazdon

    Love seeing the transformation. Especially with Thistle.

    Your place and group of folks have a real special place in my heart.

    Thanks for letting me be part of it over the years.


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