Rhizome Network

Sunflower River’s Rhizome network is all the other nodes in our community of sustainability. We are inspired by a dream not of self-sufficiency, but of inter-sufficiency, not unlike the ecology of a garden itself. Each piece of the network does its own thing, but what are are all doing is related, and we all support each other with skills, time, knowledge, information and resource sharing, and barter.

Nodes in the Rhizome Network include, but are not limited to:

Johnny’s Garden

The Garden Community Project

Ironwood Farm

Gaelan at Frijolito Farm

Fourth Base

We are an affiliate of and local campus for Ardantane Center for Pagan Learning

One thought on “Rhizome Network

  1. Sara Rose

    I stumbled across your blog and your wiki site and am delighted with both and would love to be added to your list of folks who receive notification when you put something new out (blog post or wiki finessing).
    I’m utilizing permaculture design on my farm & homestead inside of a 39 year old intentional community in rural north central Alabama, welcome wwoofers much like you do and have been striving to make visible many things that are usually not. I really appreciate your writings and thinkings.
    Thank you for being visible.
    Blessed Be,


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