springtime photo post

i’m a few weeks behind on this, in consequence of which, you get more flowers, all at once!

this is the first year i’ve allowed myself the indulgence of a flowerbed, just for flowers, just for beauty — not food, not medicinal herbs. enough of those things are established now that i felt good about devoting the time and space for a patch of early spring bulbs. we got them into the ground in October, and here they are, first blush of springtime:





my forsythia bloomed this year, as well, though a little bit late (i think because it didn’t get much water this winter).

cherry blossoms (in March, i might note):
cherry blossoms

which are certainly gorgeous, even if they are nearly two months early.
cherry blossoms

especially in front of that plowed field.
cherry blossoms

lots going on this spring. Jeremy came down to trim the trees:
cottonwood over yurt

doing a superb job, as always. the cottonwood canopy is lighter, healthier and more brilliant (and less dangerous to the house) than ever.

we planted a new globe willow tree by the chicken coop, for barnyard shade:
globe willow

Alan has been installing an aquaponics system between the patio and the garden, with Rev’s help:

installing the aquaponics system

installing the aquaponics system

and the most important part: gratuitous kitty pic.

2 thoughts on “springtime photo post

  1. Kate

    Wow, I love that bright willow picture!

    I am interested in hearing about the medicinal herbs you grow and how you use them. Perhaps you could post about that at some point. I’m about ready to start my own herb container garden, so I’m interested in what other people I know are doing.

    1. yarrow Post author

      thanks! i could certainly work up a post on that. lots of things i grow just to have around, in case we ever need them. but we cook out of the herb garden fairly regularly, and i do use tarragon (emmenagouge), feverfew (for headaches), and horehound (for sore throats) fresh on something resembling a regular basis.


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