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Community Tools: How to get from January to December Every Year

Community Tools: How to get from January to December Every Year

A workshop on community and group management processes

Saturday, August 25th
at Sunflower River
10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
with a one-hour break for lunch
please pack a lunch (or there is a great New Mexican place just up the road from the farm)

Led by Tristan Fin

This workshop will provide a detailed exploration of the tools Sunflower River uses to collaboratively run our community. These tools include variants on the consensus process model, basic non-violent communication techniques, mission, vision and goals. We hear all the time that we are really well organized, and we know we’re good at getting things done. We’d like to show you how we do it, and help you find ways to bring these tools into your community-building projects. The workshop will cover our weekly process, yearly process, and special topics. These tools can be used for an array of contexts, from intentional community to any group working on a common goal.

Sunflower River is a five-person intentional community and farm in Albuquerque’s South Valley. Founded in September 2007, we are in our eleventh year. We have a dual focus on sustainability and spirituality. We are a host-farm for volunteers through the WWOOF-USA program, as well as Workaway and HelpX.

Tristan Fin, a founder and Steward of Sunflower River, is trained in group faciliation, and mediation.


Space is limited! Pre-registration is not required, however, please RSVP by email, text, or private message to Kat before August 20th!

Any questions, please ask. We hope to see you there!

the dance ground, the rain, and the mulch

Over the last couple years, the mulch on our dance ground has gotten very thin, exposing the hard clay to a lot of sunlight, which hardens it further. And enables more weeds to grow. The purpose of the mulch-layer on the dance ground is to prevent weed growth, and to soften the earth under the mulch, so that when we rake it aside for dance events, it is soft on bare feet, and level. Without mulching, the rain/sun cycle leaves the ground very hard and uneven underfoot.

We did not get a new mulch layer accomplished before the solstice, and then that week, Hurricane Bud swept up from Mexico, and it poured! A blessing of rain, an abundance of rain, 1.5″ in one day.

it got a bit muddy.

And then it dried out, over the next couple weeks, into a complete mess.

Last winter when we chipped up the Epic Stick Pile, we provided ourselves with a significant supply of mulch, of which quite a bit was (and is) left. So at the work party in early July, a team of stewards and interns tackled the fire circle and laid down a 3″ layer of mulch throughout!

in process:

and finished: