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From top-left going clockwise around the table: Ryan (Intern, Permaculturalist), Rev Tsolwizar (House Carpenter, Artist), Jason (Intern, Permaculturalist), Alan Post (Steward), Caden Rocker (Chamberlain).

The Pond is a 1,500 gallon Aquaponics system constructed in 2011-2012. It is located adjacent to the Gate of Possibility, and is ringed by a protective barrier of pots called the Pond Garden.

This system is designed to grow food (particularly leafy greens and salad vegetables, but also fish) as well as provide habitat for beneficials ajacent to the Main Garden.

The system is also an attractive place for people to congregate, providing a micro-climate of cool shade.


Main Article: Hazards

The pond is 4' deep. This represents a drowning hazard for children and impaired adults. The CDC maintains a water safety fact-sheet, which recommends a 4' barrier around drowning hazards. One function of the Garden Pond is to be this barrier.

Unit Analysis


  • The pump and aerator requires electricity to run.
  • The fish must be fed daily.
  • Water must be added to the system on a periodic basis.
  • Pest Control.


Intrinsic Factors


Main Article: Cycles


The fish must be fed daily.


Water needs to be added to the system at least monthly, possibly more frequently.




The following fish are being used while the system is beginning to cycle:



  • North American Cattail (var. large cattail) [did not survive.]
  • Mini Cattail
  • Perry's Baby Red
  • Munkala Ubon
  • Peaches 'n Cream




  • Masala has been seen walking in and drinking from the aquaponics system.


  • Thistle has been seen in the AP system, but I believe we have trained it out of her.


  • Eurasian Collared-dove
  • A yellow finch has been seen visiting both the apricot trees and the pond.
  • A unidentified bird with a yellow chest has been newly observed in Zone 1 at Sunflower River.



  • A daring jumping spider was the first visitor, arriving within a day of the system running.
  • At least two other unidentified spiders have set up webs in the AP system.


The Story So Far...


Main Article: The Pond Proposal

This system was proposed by Alan as a means of researching aquaponics. Of particular interest was whether it could be done at commercial scale and whether Alan had the temperament to maintain such a system.


Main Article: The Pond Installation

The system was constructed in the spring/summer of 2012.

In 2011, Alan did the primary research for an aquaponics system. This is a "test system" for larger a scale aquaponics system. It will also serve as a water feature in the garden, attracting beneficials and providing a micro-climate.


I'm unhappy with water loss from this system, and am seeking to minimize it. I can't tell if I have evaporation loss or a leak.

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